Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Home

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A contemporary yet classic theme of neutrals punctuated with striking black, this 5,000 sq ft. waterfront home mixes contrasting materials of leather, African mud cloth, wool and metal in the family Room and Living Room.

9 Design Dilemmas Solved

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Every home has its tricky areas… Unless you are designing a house from the beginning, a purchased home has its faults. So if you are left scratching your head saying “Now what?”, some of these design dilemmas can be resolved with some pretty simple solutions. Here are some common home design challenges and how they can be solved… …

Finding the Perfect Color White

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Become the Design Expert using the Color White Benjamin Moore announced that the color for 2016 is Simply White. What comes to mind when you think of White? It is tranquil, fresh, clean and soothing.  White is a boundless tool for design. No matter the style, contemporary, traditional, rustic, vintage or modern, it has its …

Transitional… A Timeless Style

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Just what is it? Transitional style combines traditional and contemporary furniture creating a warm and timeless look. It exudes a feeling of calmness and elegance. The finishes and the fabrics are simple. The look is often monochromatic which makes it a perfect backdrop for art. Furniture lines are streamlined yet sophisticated.   How to achieve this beautiful look.. …