9 Design Dilemmas Solved

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Every home has its tricky areas… Unless you are designing a house from the beginning, a purchased home has its faults. So if you are left scratching your head saying “Now what?”, some of these design dilemmas can be resolved with some pretty simple solutions.

Here are some common home design challenges and how they can be solved…

1. The Tiny Room

Envelope the whole room in one great dramatic color including the ceiling. Your eye will never stop hence making it appear larger and very cozy. Better yet, painting it in a high gloss finish will reflect light creating the illusion of space

2. The Narrow Space

Visually expand the room by painting or wallpapering horizontal stripes. Make sure they are wide so that it makes a clear statement of direction. It will get your eye to go left and right, not up and down.

Headboard Wall with horizontal Stripes

3. Using White

Using all white is always open and airy… and it can cover up all kinds of flaws as once again your eye doesn’t settle on any one thing. It will open up a space and soften it. Add lots of natural light if possible and don’t forget texture. Play different textures against one another to give the area interest.

White Interior with texture

4. Mirrors

Make a massive mirror part of the design.. such as on closet doors or on a wall which will double the size of a room. Lean an oversized framed mirror against a wall…just make sure that what it reflects is pleasing.

5. Furnishing a small space

Make your furniture choices multi-functional so you get the most use of the room. A sofa table might be a drop leaf table that will convert into a dining table. A sectional can have storage in it or a chest as a cocktail table. In this case “Less is definitely More”. A few larger pieces look much better than many smaller ones.

Small Space with sectional, desk, media center and ceiling height storage


6. Update Kitchen on a budget

Paint the cabinets. There are paints made just for that… even to go over laminate. Change out the hardware and put in a new faucet. Little changes can make a difference

7. Low Ceiling

Stripes once again can make a big difference… but this time vertically and bold. Also hang the window treatments from the ceiling. Paint the ceiling a shade or two lighter than the walls.

8. Place for a desk

Consider using a desk as a nightstand or convert a closet into a perfect work area with shelves built in and concealed with barn doors when not in use.

9. Bookcases

Built in bookcases are a great answer to filling lots of spaces; creating storage, accessories/art display and architectural interest. Think about on either side of a bed, fireplace or sofa in a den. Whether they are custom made by a cabinet maker or a carpenter, it will be a good investment.

Living Room with built-in Bookcases




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