Transitional… A Timeless Style

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Just what is it?

Transitional style combines traditional and contemporary furniture creating a warm and timeless look. It exudes a feeling of calmness and elegance. The finishes and the fabrics are simple. The look is often monochromatic which makes it a perfect backdrop for art. Furniture lines are streamlined yet sophisticated.


An elegant but comfortable Living Room and Dining Room (click on image)


How to achieve this beautiful look..

Keep it simple!

Transitional furnishings have clean lines that can be straight or curved..nothing is overdone. It is a contemporary version of a wing chair or a linen drapery.. The furniture has crisp profiles with contemporary hardware. And most importantly, the sofas and chairs look and feel comfortable.. your guests will feel welcome to just sink into the inviting cushions.

The Palette

It is known to be beiges, greys, creams and other neutrals but that does not mean that everything is the same. Texture.. nubby or smooth, finishes matte or glossy.. all these elements play against and with one another. Whether you have a great art collection or just a few favorite pieces it is the perfect backdrop. There are no multicolored patterns and fussy trimmings. The fabric patterns are subtle and geometric.


A serene Master Bedroom (click on image)


The Window Treatments

The window treatments are tailored.. but soft. Drapery panels and simple roman shades often add the patterns in the room . A popular trend are solar shades in addition to the draperies. Solar shades are extremely versatile as they can block strong sun while still providing a view.

The Flooring

There are a couple of choices.. one is a rich dark wood floor that plays off the neutrals or a subtle cream tone in a stone. The darker wood tones of the furniture look well with either.Porcelain tiles are also a good choice. Just stay away from the more dressy polished marble.


The Transitional Style is easy to live with, as it is calming and almost zen in its approach to simplicity.. it is timeless.










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