How to Get a House to Flow

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A color pallette is key..  and flow refers to how the transition from room to room is smooth and pleasing to the eye.

Start by picking out a scheme that you love.. not what is the trend. The Living Room will set the tone for the house is the first space you see as you enter your home.  It  is easier to start with a fabric or rug and pick the pallette from there.. three colors are best. One should be more neutral or a lighter hue and then two accent colors.

Keep the large areas of the Living Room your neutral color such as the walls and the main seating area. The accents can be the pillows,rug  and window treatments. Occassional chairs that might be part of your seating group can also be your main fabric or a coordinating one that has the same color scheme.

Accessories also provide that punch of color .. remember to keep them in groups of three. Odd numbers of things in groups just are more eye appealing and create less clutter.

So how to get started?

The Living Room or Great Room will have all 3 this house the scheme is aqua, pale yellow and brown. The sofas are neutral and the walls are the pale yellow. The pillows and the occasional chair fabrics all have the 3 colors. Even though they are different patterns, they coordinate because they share the same three colors.


A palette of Aqua, Pale Yellow and Brown

The Entry area to the Great Room  is also a prelude to the color scheme in this home..


A custom sculpture console of mangrove roots…


Not every room has to have all 3 colors..


Brown wood tones combined with Pale Yellow and Taupe

Here the study combines the pale yellow with taupe and brown…..

Mastering the art of color coordination will make your home a beautiful flowing masterpiece.

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