Texture.. An Essential element in Interior Design

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What is the secret that embodies all great Interior Design? You walk into a space and of course, it has beautiful furnishings, the colors and lighting blend beautifully together but what is that mysterious element that all good designers know can really take a space to the next level. It is texture!!! Texture is the thing that makes a room pop.

But what do we mean by texture?

In design speak, it is defined as “ the sensations caused by the external surface of objects received through the sense of touch.” Simply, how things feel! Your toes on soft, plush carpet, the sensation of sitting in a leather chair, the cool, slick feeling of polished stone. Contrast is essential in design because it creates balance and visual interest. Think about it.. if everything is too similar we can’t focus, and our eyes can’t rest on any one element.

Texture adds visual depth…

Meaning that the object has the capability to draw responsiveness to itself. Just like color affects the feel of a room so does texture. It sets the mood; rough textures make a space feel more intimate and cozy and smooth textures create a sleek, cool tone.

Another key consideration is the placement of the textures. When you place a rough texture next to a smooth one, the rough object comes into focus, giving it a weightier look. So, balance becomes necessary also.

One important note: texture vs. pattern are two very different factors but both are necessary. Don’t confuse them. Pattern is a visual print and texture is tactile. Use both instead of one or the other.

Incorporating Texture…

Current Project Underway - 3D Rendering Optional as visual aid for client.

Current Project Underway – 3D Rendering Optional as visual aid for client   Andrea Sherman Design Associates

In this contemporary monochromatic black and white interior that I designed, I employed a multitude of textures to create appeal. The white glass porcelain tile floor is covered in the sitting area by a thick, wool patterned woven area rug. Sitting atop it, is an exotic wood coffee table flanked by two polished brass frame chairs in white leather. The sofa and loveseat are an off-white linen with nail head detail and heavily textured mud cloth pillows. The buffet behind the sitting area is white lacquer. For the dining table I chose a sculptural base in matte black metal with a glass top and acrylic dining chairs.

The key in interior design is balance and it’s all about finding the balance that you like..





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