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Interior design - color and mood How Colors Make You Feel

Relaxing Seaside Colors.


Have you ever noticed that home décor trends and fashion often run synonymously with one another? Have you ever noticed how colors make you feel?  It seems that you can’t open Vogue or House and Garden this season without being caught up in the exuberance of vivid color.

How Colors Make You Feel

Color has a huge influence on our mood and behavior. The psychology of color plays a part in the design of restaurants, classrooms, hospitals, airports and offices. It is so important that it affects where we shop, what we buy and even the perception others have of us. But why in our own homes are we afraid of color?

By understanding how color influences our emotions, we can become more comfortable in its use. We respond to color with our heart as much as our mind. Because they lighten our mood or pacify it, colors are classified as active, passive and neutral. The warm and active colors include red, yellow and orange. They are the “Here I am” hues. Red is upbeat and exciting. Because it is known to stimulate the appetite, it is great for dining rooms.

Yellow and orange are cheerful and energizing. Golden yellows work well in kitchens and the terracotta shade of orange in a home office is just lively enough to keep those creative juices flowing. Blue, green and purple are cool and passive. They soothe our spirits and calm us, which makes them perfect for bedrooms or private retreats. And then we have the neutral colors- beige, brown, gray, white and taupe. They are the bridge between the other two groups. Their introduction can either tone down or intensify the other two groups. An example is crisp, white trim against a darker wall or the handsome combination of taupe with red.

Most likely your main living areas are muted neutrals, which create a backdrop that is easy to live with. But why not introduce a great punch of color? Start with a great area rug and pull out your favorite color. Use that color for accessories, pillows and art. Or maybe it is a beautiful vase or painting that will inspire you. Many interior designers find a whole palette this way. The key is to find that main color and accent it selectively.

Just remember, color is enriching and enlivening. Enjoy and embrace it!

How does color affect your life?

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