9 Ways to increase the value of your home by $20,000

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Refinish Hardwood Flooring

Cost: $300-$500 (DIY)
Value added: Up to $2000

Sanding and varnishing a hardwood floor that has been subject to wear or hidden under carpet (in an older home) can add a couple of thousand dollars to a property depending on how large an area.

Add Crown Molding

Cost: $600-$2000
Value added: several thousand dollars

The visual aesthetic of a home translates to perceived value and details like molding can add a significant dollar amount to a home’s worth.

Creative Storage

Cost: $50- $1000
Value added: Up to $2000

Storage is always something a home can use more of… so finding spaces to convert to clever usage is a big plus. It does not require a big remodel but finding those tucked away areas that could become easy to use. Maximizing the Laundry Room or a space underneath a stairway.

Update Kitchen Hardware and faucet

Cost: $150-$300
Value added: $1000 or more

Something as small as changing the cabinet hardware and faucet to a more contemporary style can make a visually appealing difference to a kitchen. It can be a DIY project or part of an overall redo where a professional is hired.

Replace countertops with Quartz

Cost: $1200- $2000
Value Added: Up to $5000

Quartz is now the current countertop of choice and is a great way to modernize a kitchen. If the cabinets are dark, a light counter can be just the thing to lighten up the space. The return on that investment can be double and make the kitchen show that much better.

Add a new backsplash

Cost: $200- $300
Value added: Up to $1000

Adding a simple subway tile backsplash is a great way to create a design statement without investing a lot of money. Stores like Home Depot sell it for $2 – $3 a square foot and it is always a crowd pleaser. Materials should only be about $300 and it can be a DIY or done by a professional.

Upgrade your Bathroom vanity

Cost: $300-$800
Value Added: Up to $1800

A new vanity is a great way to update a bathroom. There are affordable contemporary vanities that include a stone top and sink as an all in one piece.The plumbing installation by a professional should only be a few hundred dollars more and you can easily triple your investment.

Reglaze your Bathtub and Shower

Cost: $1000
Value added: Up to $3000

One of the best investments is to have the bathtubs and showers reglazed to a nice, bright white and remove any cruddy shower doors. The whole upgrade costs about a $1000 and will make the bathroom look as if you spent triple.

Clean and Update Your Entry and Landscape

Cost: $100 to $2000
Value added: Up to $3000

Painting the front door or replacing it is key. A new front door, potted plants and a nice doormat can run up to $2000 but will make all the difference as first impressions are so important. Add landscaping that is well done, and you can get a return on investment of 150%.


























































































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